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These Spring Cleaning Tips are a great way to get rid of allergies

Jan 9

These Spring Cleaning Tips are a great way to get rid of allergies

Spring is here! The snow is melting and the grass is green. Unfortunately, allergy can occur with this warm weather. Did you know that allergens can lurk within and around your home, causing symptoms to worsen? These hidden allergens are easily removed and can help relieve symptoms.

#1 Learn Your Triggers

Both indoor and outside allergens should be treated differently. It is important that you understand which allergens cause your family's reactions. You can ease your allergy symptoms by opening the windows. By keeping your windows shut, you can reduce exposure to tree pollen, grass, and other outdoor allergens.

Here are some common triggers to be aware of:

  • Tree, grass, and weed pollen
  • Dander from both cats and dogs
  • Cockroaches
  • Dust Mites
  • Mold Spores

#2 HVAC Filters

Your HVAC filter should be replaced every 90 days for severe allergies. It should also be replaced every 6-12 months for mild allergies. Your MERV rating ought to be between 7-12. Higher MERV is not better. A high MERV rating can lead to reduced airflow, which can worsen allergies. Your family's health will be improved by choosing the highest rating, which still maximizes airflow.

#3 Don’t Forget the Shower Curtains

Spring cleaning tip: Change or wash your shower curtain. Shower curtains are easy to wash. Hang it up to dry. Mold can be spread from the shower to other areas of your home by regularly washing and replacing your shower curtain. The bathroom should be kept dry and free from moisture to avoid mold growth.

#4 Wash Your Bed

Due to all the skin flakes, dust, and dust that are collected on our sheets, your bedding should be washed once a week. Cleansing your pillow and mattress can help with allergies.

#5 All Dust

While shelves may be dusty when was your last time dusting your door frames, window frames, ceiling fans, and window sills. Dust builds up all over the place, so making sure to dust those hard-to-reach places regularly can help with your spring allergies.

#6 Home Dry = Happy Home

You can reduce the chances of dust mites and mold growth by keeping your house at 50% relative humidity. Homes that are cooler and dry are less likely to trigger allergens.

#7 Dust

Dust that is pushed into your airways is more likely for you to inhale. You can also get dust from feather dusters. You can trap dust using a damp paper towel, or cloth so it can be disposed of.

#8 Eliminate Trapped Allergens

Your carpets, rugs, and upholstery should be vacuumed every week. Professional cleaning should be done every 4 months. These carpets act as filters for allergens and should be cleaned regularly. Midland Master Carpet Cleaners Four Seasons can assist you with your spring cleaning needs by providing professional carpet, rugs, or upholstery cleaning services.

#9 Natural Cleaners

Your allergies can be worsened by strong and scented chemicals, it is true. Natural remedies such as baking soda or vinegar can relieve allergy symptoms.

#10 Remove Any Sitting Water

Standing water is the best environment for mold growth. Leakages around the home are a good way to check for mold. Eliminating mold allergy symptoms can be as simple as finding any standing or leaking water.


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