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Jan 10


It is possible to wonder how you will clean your Persian or Oriental rug if it was handcrafted. Even if the rug is not antique, it can still serve as the centerpiece of a room. No matter what rug type you have, it is important to find rug cleaning professionals who can protect the dye from bleeding and remove any dirt or dust from the delicate fibers.

Carpet Cleaners' Henderson rug cleaners are available to help you maintain the beauty of your rugs over the years. Our expertise in rug cleaning and cutting-edge techniques will preserve your rug. This will make your home healthier and cleaner.

You want to know more about the rug cleaning process or specific questions about how to care for your rug. You can trust our team to give you the answers that you are looking for. Below, you'll find some questions that we frequently receive about rug cleaning.

We answer your rug cleaning questions

What should I do in the event of a pet accident?

Accidents can happen to pets. You need to be prepared for what happens in the critical moments following an accident.

To absorb the liquid, you should first use white towels or tissue to absorb it. You should not rub the rug. Also, avoid using a traditional spot remover as it could permanently alter the rug's colors. For a gentle and effective way to remove pet accidents, contact your Henderson Carpet Cleaners specialists.

What are the causes for dye bleeding in rugs?

For a variety of reasons, dyes can bleed, fade, or weaken.

  • Rugs not properly washed
  • Exposition to pet urine
  • Excessive sunlight
  • Fumes from some chemicals
  • Bleach-containing stain removers should be used

Rugs made with poor dyes, inefficient dying methods or after-market color may also show bleeding.

How can I extend the rug's life?

It is important to vacuum rugs regularly, especially those that are in high-traffic areas. Most of the soil between rug fibers is made up of dry particulate material. Rugs can be accelerated by dust and dirt that can create a sandpaper effect.

Regular vacuuming of your rug will help to protect its delicate fibers and prolong their life. Henderson Carpet Cleaners will clean your rug and remove any dirt or dust that is beyond the reach your vacuum can reach. This will increase its longevity.

How do I prepare for rug cleaning?

Preparing for an appointment with a Henderson Carpet Cleaners expert rug cleaning will not take much time, but it will make the process easier. Your rug cleaner will begin the cleaning process by clearing out clutter and light furniture.

Make a mental note about any stains or flaws that the technician should be paying extra attention to. The technician will then be able to work in peace if your pets are present. For safe and efficient cleaning, ensure that there is a clear path between your driveway and the door.

Do you have a technician who can come to my house to inspect it and give me a price?

We are happy and able to provide in-home assessments for rugs. The following are some of the techniques that can be used to clean rugs:

  • Construction methods
  • The age of the rug
  • The soil compaction
  • Materials it is made of

We will provide a free estimate for your cleaning after this analysis. We will let you know if your rug can be cleaned in the home or if it needs to be taken away for the best results.


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