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Why is it important to hire a professional cleaner for my carpets?

Jan 11

Why is it important to hire a professional cleaner for my carpets?

Carpet cleaners with professional expertise have two advantages over homeowners who attempt to clean their own carpets. They have the knowledge to know which carpet type you need and how to clean it. Henderson Carpet Cleaners have been trained in how to remove stains. They also know what cleaning products are safe for carpets without damaging them. The goal of professional carpet cleaning is to remove all dirt, bacteria, signs of soil and to minimize damage to the carpet. Here's what they do.


Before any cleaning is started, you should vacuum your carpet. This is because soil cannot easily be removed by vacuuming alone. The majority of soils in carpets are not ordinary soil. These soils are difficult to get rid of. Dry vacuuming is the best way to get them out. When soils are wet they will be more difficult. Dry vacuuming must always be the first stage.


Most of this process occurs during the preconditioning step, which is a chemical and agitating process. The goal of soil suspension, which is chemical action that uses the right chemical product to safely separate the soil from the fibers, is the safety of the soils. The wrong ratio could result in carpet damage. It is important to determine the dwell time for the chemical products. This will ensure that the cleaners have better results.
This process is assisted by agitation that enhances soil suspension in the carpet. Also, it allows for uniform distribution of cleaning agents. This step also depends on the temperature of the water. Heat allows for more effective and faster cleaning than cold water.


This step is sometimes called the "rinse-step". It is time to get rid of any remaining soils. Hot Water Extraction, also known as Steam Cleaning, is the best method to do this step.
Henderson Carpet Cleaners uses hotwater extraction to clean domestic and commercial carpets. This is the only method considered to be as effective as any other. The HWE technique is great for cleaning carpets that have been heavily soiled. It can remove more than 95% of dirt and bacteria.


Grooming increases and prolongs carpet performance. It has very little to no effect on soil, but it helps the Drying step. Grooming increases drying time because it eliminates the matt or uneven wear that increases water loss.

Drying a carpet is essential in the cleaning process. The carpet fibres can become damaged if the carpet isn't completely dried. Material, such as wooden floors, that are placed beneath wet carpets may provide an ideal environment for mold growth. This can pose a serious problem. Carpets should not dry for more than six hours.
It is crucial to hire a carpet cleaner who understands how to achieve the best results regardless of whether there are different methods or steps involved in carpet cleaning.


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