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Residential Junk Removal Services

Mar 6

When you look around your home or yard do you ask yourself “where do I begin?” Junk Removal Lawrence Massachusetts makes it easy. You tell us what you want gone and we’ll make it happen. Our residential junk removal service will make it possible for you to reclaim your home, yard, garage, basement or attic and make your home, sweet home again.


Once you make the decision to de-clutter, Junk Removal Lawrence Massachusetts will make the process simple and painless for you. Our pricing is transparent and our staff consists of only top-notch professionals ready to guide you every step of the way. We will provide you with a free estimate and once you are ready to move forward, we’ll schedule your appointment immediately. Our crew will show up on time and will make sure that they clean up everything.



Your junk will be sorted through and disposed of in the most eco-friendly ways possible. Anything that can, will be recycled and anything that is still usable and in good condition will be donated to local charitable organizations. The rest will be disposed of in a responsible way. One Call Junk Removal Lawrence Massachusetts cleans out and takes just about anything!


Complete House Cleanout : One room or every room, we’ll come in and clean it up. Our professional staff will take care during the removal process as to not damage walls or woodwork and will work quickly to get the job done


Yard Clean Up : It’s so easy to let junk pile up in your yard. Old kids' toys, patio furniture, grills, gardening items and so much more get set off to the side when no longer needed and before you know it you have a junk yard at your house. One Call Junk Removal Lawrence Massachusetts will come to your home and take that stuff away so you can once again enjoy your outdoor space.


Garage Cleanout : Old bicycles, broken power tools, auto parts, kids items, pet items and boxes of that “other stuff” all somehow end up filling our garages and your car sits in the driveway because there is no room for it. One Call Junk Removal Lawrence Massachusetts will remove all that useless stuff, sweep up and make a great place for you, and your car will love again.


Basement Cleanout :  Basements- where old stuff goes to die. We know, we have one too. Over the years, we acquired things that sounded like good purchases at the time or were gifts from others who thought we needed them. Now, they just take up valuable space that could be used for the next great purchase. Set-up an appointment and we’ll come give you your basement back.


Attic Cleanout : Attics-where even older stuff goes to die. This is the junk we forgot we even had. It was put away for who knows what reason but it turns out that no one will ever want or use it. When you are ready to take all that excess weight off your rafters, One Call Junk Removal Lawrence Massachusetts will help you lighten the load.


Appliance Removal


TV / CRT Removal : You forgot how heavy these things were didn’t you? No worries, One Call Junk Removal Lawrence will remove them for you and make sure they are recycled. We just saved your back- You’re welcome!


Hot Tub Removal : Once upon a time, that hot tub was the life of the party. Now, it doesn’t work anymore or it just isn’t as fun as it used to be. Our staff is ready and able to dismantle it for you, load it on the truck and recycle as much of it as possible. Now you have the space back to create your new happy place.

Mattress & Box Spring Removal : These are one of those things that don’t easily go away. You’re in luck because One Call Junk Removal Lawrence is ready, willing and able to remove them for you. You’ll rest easy knowing that they have gone to a better place.